Up until recently there was a mail form here, but no matter how various friends tried to prevent robots using the form to generate spam - they always found a way. So now I have gone back to the old fashioned system - sort of.

To send me an email, you will need to fire up your email programme - be it some version of Outlook, or Thunderbird, or Eudora - and then figure out my email from what is written below, and type it into your email programme in the "To" line.

Email addresses are always in two parts: the person's own, distinctive label, then the symbol "@" (shift 2) and then the second part, the big host computer that collects, sorts and sends on the email. I am currently using and my personal label is wellzen. So that is wellzen@ and then (without any spaces).

Finally, to ensure I actually look at it and gmail doesn't just assume it is spam, *please* put something in the subject line like:

"Contact from stupa information page"

Hopefully *you* can figure out my email from this, and hopefully the robots will not be able to! I look forward to hearing from you, thanks and best wishes for your developing interest in stupas!