Ten benefits of a stupa were explained by Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche at Chenrezig Institute, Australia, in September 1994.

The stupa represents Buddha's holy mind, dharmakaya, and each part of the stupa shows the path to enlightenment. Building a stupa is a very powerful way to purify negative karma and obscurations, and to accumulate extensive merit. In this way you can have realizations of the path to enlightenment and be able to do perfect work to liberate suffering beings, who equal the sky, leading them to the peerless happiness of enlightenment, which is the ultimate goal of our life.

1. If you make 1,000 stupas, you will become a great 'Wheel-turning Holder of the Wisdom Teachings' (Mahayana Secret Mantra) and have clairvoyance knowing all the buddhadharma.

2. After death, without being born in the lower realms, you will be born as a king.

3. You will become like a sun, rising in the world, with perfect senses and a beautiful body.

4. You will be able to remember past lives and see future lives.

5. You will be able to extensively listen to the Dharma without forgetfulness.

6. The "Stainless Beam" sutra states: 'All negative karma and obscurations, including the five uninterrupted negative karmas, are purified even by dreaming of a stupa, seeing a stupa, hearing the sound of the bell of a stupa and even for birds and flies etc, by being touched by the shadow of a stupa.'

7. The sentient beings will always be protected by the Buddhas, who always pay attention to guiding them to achieve complete pure enlightenment. They abide in the irreversible stage.

8. It is explained by Shakyamuni Buddha in the sutras, that it is extremely powerful to build a stupa for those who have passed away, as it immediately changes a suffering rebirth into a fortunate rebirth with the opportunity to meet the Dharma.

9. It can also heal those with serious diseases.

10. There is no question that it accumulates extensive merit and brings success and happiness.Therefore, dedicate for your ancestors, family members and friends who have passed away or who are sick, and for the happiness of yourself and your family in this and future lives. Thank you very much.