As Buddha himself said, In the Sutra "Med Ton Djoung We do"

"Ananda, the merit accumulated by one who makes a Stupa of the Mahhparinirvana of perfect Buddhas, Tathigatas, and those who have been victorious over all demons, even If that Stupa Is the size of a myrobolan fruit, with a tree of life as thin as a needle, It's umbrella like a leaf of the juniper leaf, the Statue the size of a barleycorn and the Relleslike a mustard seed, even though that merit Is much vaster than all merits accumulated by the sons and daughters of noble family with Intense devotion, when they create three hundred thousand universes made of seven kinds of precious matters and offer them to Great Beings, such as "the one who has entered Into the stream" (Srotapinna), "the one who returns back only once" (SakadigAmi), "the one who returns no more' (Anfigfimi), "the one who has been victorious over such enemies as conflicting emotions" (Arahant)."

And again, when he addressed Brahmim Nesto's son, In the Sutra "Je nampa Djepe Do", the Buddha enumerates eighteen benefits resulting from the building of a Stupa


1) One will be reborn In a royal family.

2) One will get a beautiful body.

3) One's speech will be entrancing.

4) One's mere sight will be a great joy for the others.

5) One will have a charming and attractive personality.

6) One will be erudite In the five sciences.

7) One will become a support (an example for all).

8) One will be praised from all directions.

9) One will be Inclined to sounds and words of Dharma.

10) One will live only with happiness.

11) One will be venerated both by men and.gods.

12) One will obtain great riches.

13) One will be granted a long life.

14) All one's wishes will be fulfilled.

15) One's beneficial activity and wisdom will only grow.

16) One's body will become as indestructible as the Dorje.

17) One will be reborn In the higher realms or existence.

18) One will reach quickly perfect Awakening.


Apart from these, countless other benefits are anounced in

many Sutras and Tantras.




The sublime Shariputra, renowned for his great Intelligence, asked the Buddha :

"Could you say what are the benefits of circumambulating a Stupa ?

The Buddha answered:

"Here are the benefits occurring to one who circumambulates a Stupa. Free of the 'eight unfavourable circumstances, he will be reborn In a noble family and will own numerous riches ; free of conflicting emotions (avarice, etc ... ) he will enjoy practicing generosity. lie will be handsome, attractive, will have a beautiful complexion, others will delight In seeing him ; he will have power over the world and will become a King of Dharma. Then he will obtain a fortunate rebirth and will be enthusiastic for the Buddha’s teaching ; having completed the practice (yogas), he will perform great miracles and progressively obtain the thirty two pure marks. and the eighty physical perfections of the Buddha's Body".

Such was his answer.


These few benefits are nothing compared to all those that could yet be enounced about the circumambulation of a Stupa. By only seeing a Stupa, listening to the qualities of a Stupa, remembering a Stupa, touching a Stupa, etc ... or even If It was only by passing in the shade of a Stupa, or being touched by the wind that passed over a Stupa, one will obtain happiness In this life and ultimately Awakening.


For a more complete documentation, one can refer to the work of Lama Anagarika Govinda "Psychocosmic symbolism of the Buddhist Stupa".


Translation taken from the Kangyour done by Lama Karta at Karma Migyour Ling

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