Stupas for Sale

Stainless Light Productions. See page here showing their beautiful prefabricated marble stupas made by Jeremy Morrelli in USA

Tibetan Spirit has a great collection. Look at the site map to find them - last time I looked (Nov 2007) they were under "Ritual Items"

Nirvana Industries - a collaborative effort, dedicated to stupas, a variety for sale

Snow Lion has stupas for sale (Enter "Stupa" in the search box)

Ebay always has had some, each time I've looked

David Gabrielsen makes stupas of solid brass (not cast) in America, perfect for a small shrine

Singapore - sponsor a very beautiful stupa

The Buddhist Shop (added Macrh 2011)



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Please let me know of any links to other stupas, and if any links you find here are out of date. If you are connected with a centre that has a stupa, but no web site, please send any details you would like included.

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