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Also see "Centres with stupas" on the menu bar. Please let me know if your centre has a stupa under construction not listed here.

Here are a new series of pages showing photos of the process involved in building, with examples of stupas in Australia and New Zealand

And here is a link to another stupa under construction just north of Whangarei, again in New Zealand


The project’s goal is the reconstruction of all the stupas in Asia: Tibet, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Mongolia, Ladakh, India, Sri Lanka, etc.

The number of abandoned and/or ruined stupas in Asia is estimated to be of about 24,000. The project aims to repair all these stupas with the help of local craftsmen. It also aims to help the development of these areas by promoting cultural tourism, local schools, and medical and hygienic services.

This site has many, many photos of old stupas in Ladakh etc.

Singapore This project aims to build 84,000 stupas, and has already built one very beautiful 3.3 meter stupa, you can sponsor a small one

Milarepa Ösel Chö Dzong Tibetan Buddhist Retreat Center in the Smoky Mtns. Look for the link to the Stupa


A new project at Land of Medicine Buddha:

"The Stupa Project site at Land of Medicine Buddha is a hilltop meadow, which will be terraced like the famous stupa at Borobudur, Indonesia (circa 780 - 833), the world’s largest Buddhist monument. The specifications of the 100,000 stupas are as follows:

Base: 11,664 sq. feet (108 ft. each side)
Height: Approximately 55 ft.
Levels: 13 levels with tens of thousands of various sized stupas up to a total of 100,000 stupas".

Spain I was recently sent these photos of a very large stupa under construction in Southern Spain high on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean just outside the village of Benalmadena.Thanks to several people, here is the home page for this amazing project. There are many pictures of the construction.

Rocky Mountain Shambhala Centre

Completed in 2001, but plenty of construction photos,

Karma Choling Where Trungpa Rinpoche started in North America, and where he was cremated. Stupa to be started soon.
Gampo Abbey Gampo Abbey is a western Tibetan Buddhist monastery located in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Their stupa was completed and consecrated by the Abbot, Ven. Thrangu Rinpoche, in August 2001 There is a lovely succession of pictures showing the construction up to the start of the bumpa. Interesting that this life tree starts above the bumpa, not from the lotus throne under the four steps as others do

Samye Ling and Holy Island.

Great pages by Ken Holmes. Visit this one, the original

Crestone, Colorado the Stupa of Enlightenment dedicated to Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche
Sedona, Arizona "Kunzang Palyul Chöling, Tibetan Buddhist centers in the Nyingma tradition, under the spiritual direction of Jetsunma Ahkön Lhamo with locations in Sedona, Arizona and Poolesville, Maryland. There are 26 stupas at the Poolesville temple.
Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition  There are over 100 centres around the world. many have stupas (see Gyantse next). Another example is Land of Medice Buddha, where they are in the initial stages of Building 100,000 Stupas on the land in Soquel, California. There will be one 40 foot stupa and many other 6' plus stupas and thousands more of various Stupas adding up to 100,000. They will be built on terraced land fashioned after Borabobur.
Chenrezig Institute Garden of Enlightenment. These pages are a Yahoo group, there is a lot of information here, but you have to find it. Look under "files" on the left. For instance, the sub folder "stupa information" contains many more files. Also "photos" - there are three different albums, and the middle one has lots of photos of the stupa garden.
De-Tong Ling Retreat Centre Another stupa (13 meter, with a room underneath) is under construction here, a FPMT centre on Kangaroo Island, South Australia
Gyantse New pages about the "same-size" reproduction is to be built in Bendigo, Australia."It is about 50 metres square at its base and rises to almost 50 metres high".Site, floor and section plans available to view. A great site!
Charlottesville Stupa Construction of the stupa at Samchen Chöling in Charlottesville, Virginia, began in February, 2000. Photos here. This is a BIG stupa! Really great slide show of the construction.

Stupa pages in Oslo, Norway.

This page has links to other stupa sites (not working last time I checked) .No English, but never fear: In case you didn't know, Altavista will translate.

FWBO Three pages of photos sent to me here Friends of the Western Buddhist order Stupas under construction
Also see here for a world first - follow the construction of a stone stupa in Germany on Facebook!
Skycliffe, Canada Just across the border from Spokane, a very unusual stupa has been under construction during 2003. Lots of photos
Sunray Peace Village Vermont: a centre with three traditions

Here, in New Zealand, there are now quite a few stupas. There are finished ones in Dunedin, Wangapeka and Karma Choeling (north of Auckland). There are more underway at Stokes Valley, (near Wellington), Christchurch, Coromandel and Auckland city.

The basic structure of six more has just been completed at Karma Choeling.

Here is a page that has links to the stupas I've helped build in New Zealand and Australia.
There are now quite a few pages of zippy photos of construction
Definetly worth a visit


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