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Centres with Stupas

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If your centre has a stupa not listed here, I'd love to hear from you

Benalmadena, Spain

inaugurated on October the 5th 2005. It is 33 meters (108 feet) tall with a base width of 25.8 meters (82 feet) and contains an over 100 square meter (1100 square-foot) meditation room inside.


(click on stupan) Karma Shedrup Dargye Ling has a really big stupa, built 1986 - 8 and blessed by many lamas (including the Dalai Lama). It was inspired by Kalu Rinpoche and the 16th Karmapa. There is a prayer wheel which turns continuously.


These pictures were sent to me by the person who built these stupas nearly 30 years ago, when Estonia was still part of the Soviet Union.

Great Stupa of Dharmakaya Opened in August 2001, many years in the making. Really big!
In the Rocky Mountains, USA. Also nice construction pages here

The Tashi Gomang Stupa

In Colorado. This is the Stupa of many auspicious doors, symbolizing the 84,000 paths taught by the Buddha to reach enlightenment.

Tara Mandala

Tara Mandala is a 600-acre Buddhist Retreat Center in the Four Corners area of Southwest Colorado. There is a beautiful stupa, completed in natural stone (click on Tara Mandala stupa link)

Kunzang Palyul Chöling

KPC is a center for the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism in the
Palyul Nyingma tradition. The centre is committed to building stupas around
the world for the benefit of all sentient beings. The Temple complex in
Poolesville, Maryland (a suburb of Washington, D.C.) has 28 Stupas on 72
acres, including the 38 foot Migyur Dorje Stupa dedicated to the healing of
mental and physical suffering. In Sedona, Arizona a 6-foot stupa sits at
the heart of a beautiful 14-acre site that will be the future home of KPC's
Sedona temple complex. Construction continues in both locations to make
the existing stupas more handicapped accessible and to create new stupas.

The Great Stupa of Peace In Tibet, completed in 1999, Ningmapa tradition. Really big - 70 meters along the sides, 50 meters high.
India - Mindrolling Monastery "the Great Stupa of Descent from Devaloka which Liberates Upon Seeing is completed and was inaugurated on 28th of October, 2002. This stupa has been constructed to benefit all beings and is dedicated to world peace." Big, beautiful, with pictures. 185 feet tall!
Rio Grande From 1983 to 1996, six Tibetan-style stupas were built in a line roughly following the Rio Grande river from Albuquerque, New Mexico, north to Crestone, Colorado. This article is reproduced from Tricycle
Kalachakra Stupa in Garanas
Austria, supervised by HH Dalai Lama's students
Brazil Marcelo, from São Paulo, Brasil, sent me these two beautiful pictures and this note:
"We have in the Rio Grande do Sul, south of Brazil, one big tibetan temple, criated by H.E. Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche. Around this temple, Rinpoche build 8 Stupas. This place is very beatifull, in the top of mountains of the Serra Gaucha". For more info, visit or (direct)


São Paulo, Kagyu Dak Shang Choling

Jangchub Stupa Bloomington, Indiana. Small amount about the symbolism also.There is a Kalachakra stupa here too.
Hawaii Maui Dharma Center, started by Kalu Rinpoche. On April 24th 2007 HH Dalia Lama consecrated the 27' Paia peace stupa on Maui Hawaii

The Stupa Garden

at Tashi Choling, a retreat centre founded by HH Dudjom Rinpoche (Nyingma). This is the place with the 35 foot statue of Vajrasattva.

Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition

These are new, extremely beautiful pages with links to a very large number of (Gelugpa) centres around the world, many of which have stupas completed, under construction, or contemplated.
A new page is under construction for all their stupas. That's the one at Vajrapani Institute that comes up when you mouse over "Centres with stupas".For another example, check out
Land of Medicine Buddha
Some photos of the stupa at Chandrakirti Centre (Nelson, New Zealand) are here, at the end of a series on the construction of the gompa there. Chandrakirti Centre now has their own page

The Shanti Stupa Project In Singapore - 84,000 stupsa to be built!
Thekchen Choling Singapore New page (March 2008) with photos of the very beautiful 8 types of stupas at this centre, also description of each type.

Kagyu Mila Guru Stupa

At the base of the Sangre de Cristo mountains of New Mexico building the Kagyu Mila Guru Stupa began in 1992 under the kind direction of Lama Karma Dorje, resident lama at Kagyu Shenpen Kunchab Center in Santa Fe. Land, money and labor for the stupa came primarily from students of the meditation teacher, Herman Rednick (1902-1985), whose teachings blended Eastern and Western meditation concepts.

Enlightenment stupa

11 stories (113 feet) high in California: Odiyan. There's a photo and a small amount of text about it, plus links to other interesting parts of this amazing property overlooking the Pacific ocean. Hard to visit the physical site, so enjoy these pages

Here are the four Kalachakra stupas I know about:

Also check out the wikipedia entry for Kalachakra

Plus this page of the International Kalachakra Network

Kalachakra stupa in Austria Not much info about the stupa
Kona, Hawaii Kalachakra Stupa, built about 22 years ago at a center started by Kalu Rimpoche. You might notice considerable differences to everything above the throne. The centre's website is here. And here is the information and photos sent to me
Kalachakra stupa in Indiana There used to be quite a lot about the Symbolism, contents, and construction of this stupa here, it seems to have gone.....

Kalachakra Stupa

Karma Gön, Spain. 13 meters high, Kalachakra stupa, buit in 1994.


The creation of a stupa for the Vajra Regent Ösel Tendzin, California

Karma Migyur Ling

(This is just a small but nice picture of it)

A beautiful 12 meter high stupa in France (1986). There is a website, but it is in French. Bablefish (Altavista) will translate, very badly:"It is a place withdrawn in mountain, with 850m of altitude, between Grenoble and Valence, over the buttresses of the Solid mass of Vercors, it dominates the valley of Isère."
Karma Ratna Dargye Ling; Tar - Hungary This link goes straight to the page with the pictures of the stupa, very beautiful, with a room in the base. Blessed by HH Dalai Lama. 7 more stupas to be built here.
Miracle Stupa in Poland Click on stupa. This was completed 29 July 2002. Associated with the Karma Kagyu's led by HH Thaye Dorje, HE Shamarpa and Ole Nydahl
Enlightenment stupa in Denmark This was completed 2003, small and very beautiful stupa. Lots of information, meaning, history, photos etc. As above, Karma Kagyu's led by HH Thaye Dorje, HE Shamarpa and Ole Nydahl
Diamond Way Lots of stupas, Russia
Manila, Philippines This link currently just goes to an essay about the benefits of stupas, and a extensive history of this one, built at Philippine Karma Kagyu Buddhist Society. It also gives considerable detail about what goes inside.
Flaming Jewel There used to be a photo archive on the building of a 35 foot Dorje Trollo stupa at Tsdogyelgar in Ann Arbor Michigan. The stupa was completed in September 2000. 6 pages of photos with captions chart the intense 5 week construction period
Triratna Buddhist Order Stupas

Triratna Buddhist Order (formally Friends of the Western Buddhist Order) have built a number of stupas. Here are two pages of photos of several of them, including a recently completed one in Spain. You could also visit their web site; but I couldn't find any info on the stupas there
The stupa in New Zealand is also shown on this site
There are also some small pictures of stupas under construction here.(Look in "Mail att..." as well as "Rods stu...")

Russia These are some pictures Irina Vodonos sent me from Russia, taken near Mongolia.


Shingon buddhist center in France (this page is in French)

In New Zealand, there are now quite a few stupas. There are finished traditional Tibetan ones in Dunedin, Auckland, Coromande and Karma Choeling (north of Auckland).
There is a beautiful Therevadan style one at Stokes Valley, (near Wellington: see link below), and at Wangapeka, (see below)

Here is a link to a page of stupa construction shots taken in Australia and New Zealand
Some of these nz stupas appear on the "Stupas under construction" page

Gen Rinpoche's stupa

This is on New Zealand's "mainland", (the South Island). Constructed after the passing away of Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey, who taught at Dharamsala, India, for many years before moving here. There are also stories, by the owner of the land, by the architect, and by the fundraisers: Ani Kunzang, Dunedin's first New Zealand-born nun, was among the first westerners to think of building a stupa in Dunedin. In 1991 she produced and directed the stage play "The Importance of Being Earnest" in order to raise funds to build a stupa. Great pages

Karma Kagyu Thigsum Chokhorling.

My local centre, outside of Auckland, New Zealand, city of sails, home (for a while) of the America's Cup etc. Another version of the stupa story here

Centres with Stupas (cetiyas or pagodas) built in the Theravadin style


South Island, New Zealand. Built in 1982-3. A personal history here and photos of the construction here

Mahabodhi Stupa

Stokes Valley, New Zealand. "The team of 5 Burmese artisans arrived in late February and have been hard at work since then. The upper areas of the Stupa are now finished and work is well underway on the base, stone walls and a gentle path leading up from the car park.They anticipate finishing the Stupa by the end of June and we will be having the Stupa Completion Ceremony on 24 October" Here used to be some photos of the on this english site: BuddhaMind

The Dhamma-Talaka Peace Pagoda

This is in Birmingham, England. It is built in the Burmese tradition, and is big!

Peace Pagoda

Located in Leverett, Ma. (U.S.A.) it stands 105 feet high and is 140 feet in diameter. There are many links here, including some very beautiful photos of this magnificant structure

The Forest Hermitage

Wat Pah Santidhamma , England, has a small pagoda. There is nothing at the URL, but here's a couple of pictures of it.

AmaravatiEngland. Many pages showing the erection of a small stupa modelled on Borobodur

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