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Introduction Why stupas are built Lots of off site links also

Symbolic Meaning
Mahabodhi Temple
Sanchi & Karle
Kagyu Grid (1)
Gelugpa Grid (2)
Plan (3)
Another Plan (4)
Page of photo links

The first two are short translations from the Kangyour (pithy)
A decent history, distilled from the book
A lightweight page on a couple of the oldest stupas
(1) to (4) are plans and grids for the seriously

The last is just an old page of links to photos


Centres with Stupas Descriptions of completed stupas all over the world, with links  
Stupas under construction Descriptions of stupas currently under construction all over, with links Lots of internal pages here too
How to Build a Stupa

Basic nececcities;
Actual Construction Process:

Mt Best (Australia)
Dorje Chang Inst
Mahamudra Inst
Karma Choeling


Photos of the construction process in New Zealand and Australia. If You start with How to Build a Stupa the images all preload from then on.....
On the Karma Choleing link, there are *five* pages of construction pages (which I haven't listed separately here), so you get to see the whole process For a comparison, see Gampo Abbey's construction pages

This is a very comprehensive description of the building of a Kagyu stupa supervised by Lama Puntsok in the Phillipines. Includes all the contents, and more links.

Rio Grande The first of two pages This is a direct reproduction on an article in Tricycle magazine about the pilgramage that may be taken to visit 9 stupas along this river.
Books A list of good books for further research, and links to them  
Stupas for sale where to buy one  
Statue Building 25 foot high concrete buddha

Nothing to do with stupas, particularly :)
But I worked on this for many years, under the same lama.

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  Mahabodhi (personal) I visited the place where Buddha sat under the tree over the millenium. There is a little story, and several pages of photos