1. The basic platform that "Holds the Earth" symbolises the ten virtues of :

Body :


  • to protect life
  • to practise generosity
  • keep pure morality.

Speech :


  • to tell the truth
  • to reconcile
  • to speak In a quiet and gentle way
  • to have a sensible speech.

Mind :


  • to be content
  • to be altruistic
  • to have faith In the right views (which are the correct foundation for liberation).

2. The three steps above symbolise the three refuges one holds on to:


3. The Lion-throne symboliscs the superiority over the whole universe.


4. The treasures vase symboliscs the eight Noble Riches.


5. The small and the big lotuses symbolises the six transcendental virtues :


6. The four corners of the basic throne symbolise "the Four Unlimited" or Boundless ones:


7. The first step symboliscs the fundamental four attentions:


8. The second step symbolises the four perfect efforts (Sammapadhana):


9. The third step symbolises the four miraculous feet (Riddhipada)


10. The fourth step symbolises the five spiritual faculties (Indriya)


11. The unchanging base that supports the vase symbolises the five forces (Bala)


12. The vase in Its particularities symbolises, the seven branches of awakening (Bodhyanga)


13. The "Tre" (above the vase) and Its reverse symbolisc the noble eightfold path


14.The tree of life symbolises the ten knowledges of


15. The thirteen rings symbolise


16. The umbrella and Its support symbolise the State of a victorious one


17. The "Zaratsak" symbolises the ornaments of all the Supreme Qualities.


18. The Moon symbolises the elimination of all sufferings.


19. The sun symbolises the radiating thousand lights of compassion


20. The jewel at the top symbolises the fulfilment of all wishes.


I prostrate with great devotion and faith before such a wonderful Stupa, the embodiment of all the qualities of the victorious ones; only brings liberation to all who respect It.


For (s)he who will establish a connection with such a Stupa, the life will carry Its full meaning

For a more complete documentation, one can refer to the work of Lama Anagarika Govinda "Psychocosmic symbolism of the Buddhist Stupa".  

Translation from the Kangyour by Lama Karta at Karma Migyour Ling

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