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On these pages there are links to stupas under construction and finished, books about stupas, photos of stupas new and old, histories and even a taste of the meaning behind the architecture. If you know of a link not found here, or would like to add anything, please let me know. If you don't know much about stupas, perhaps you might like to check out the Introduction first. There is a simple history, distilled from a highly scholary essay by by Giuseppe Tucci. Also bits shamelessly plagiarized from Robert Thurman; some symbolism coutesy of HH Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche; Benefits resulting from the Building of Stupas (especially fun to read if you've already visited, or even better, helped build one); pictures of the eight original stupas (coming soon); and more.

As well as all the links to other places, there are also quite a few pages of pictures taken in New Zealand and Australia of various stupas I have been involved with. These are now accessible from the "How to build a stupa" link. This title is a little deceptive, as the text does not provide much information, but the photos do give you a good idea of the process.

Also, it might be useful to check out the site map, as these pages have grown in a very haphazard way over the last 4 years, and not everything is easily accessible: some of the best pages are buried miles down. One of these days.....

If you want to create a link to these pages, feel free to take one of these little stupas as an
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